one DOMEX App for your portable devices

One app for all your control needs

The ElectB-Dx can have up to 4 addressable control zones, enabling full control over lights, powered with your regular 220V line.

The LED version of the ElectB-Dx features the ability to control up to 3 individual channels of 0-10V lights.

The keypad can be configured individually, to acommodate 1 to 6 buttons allowing control of any other devices connected to your DOMEX system.

Key Features

Home PageFavourite Scenes pageIndividual rooms pagesWith Tabs for Lights, HVAC, Multimedia and e.t.c.Guest accounts With the option to limit functionality to select spaces and appliancesSurveillance cameras accessHVAC control

Auto population of the App with the adition of new rooms or appliances.



DOMEX Professional Cloud Configuration Platform (PCC) will redefine your approach to professional installation.

A bespoke user-friendly graphical interface and an ad-hoc connection to the system.Login and create your new projectSimply upload your project blueprint into DOMEX PCC and name it. Add the controller, switches and endpoints to the venue Assign them to rooms.Define EP (button) propertiesDone.All within a unified, coherent interface.Speed, Simplicity, Flexibility.

Key Features

  • Cloud Based “Allways available” Access
  • Full system functionality even without an active internet connection
  • Highly time-efficient programming environment
  • “Drag and drop” style interface for quick and flexible device management and setup